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We understand that personal injury is a nuanced field, requiring specialized knowledge and skills. Our Personal Injury Continuing Education courses have been crafted to equip doctors and insurance agents with the latest insights, best practices, and innovations in this sector.

Whether you’re a medical professional aiming to better understand injuries for accurate diagnoses or an insurance agent striving for seamless claim evaluations, our courses provide comprehensive knowledge tailored to your needs.

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Flagship Course:
Claims, Coverages and Care with BONUS Compensation

  • Overview of personal injury claims process.
  • Analysis of insurance coverages and their implications on claims.
  • Appropriate care of personal injury cases and importance of medical ethics.

Key Benefits:


Our courses ensure you remain at the forefront of the personal injury field, armed with up-to-date knowledge.


Whether you prefer online modules or in-person workshops, our courses are designed to fit into your busy schedule.


Learn from industry veterans with vast experience in the personal injury realm.


Connect with peers, fostering potential collaboration and partnership opportunities.

Who Should Enroll?

Doctors who wish to specialize or improve their expertise in personal injury cases.

Insurance Agents aiming to streamline the claims process, ensuring both efficiency and fairness.

Other professionals in the personal injury domain, such as physiotherapists, chiropractors, or legal professionals, looking to broaden their interdisciplinary understanding.

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