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We understand that personal injury is a nuanced field, requiring specialized knowledge and skills. Our Personal Injury Continuing Education courses have been crafted to equip doctors and insurance agents with the latest insights, best practices, and innovations in this sector.

Whether you’re a medical professional aiming to better understand injuries for accurate diagnoses or an insurance agent striving for seamless claim evaluations, our courses provide comprehensive knowledge tailored to your needs.

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Flagship Course:
Claims, Coverages and Care

  • Overview of personal injury claims process.
  • Analysis of insurance coverages and their implications on claims.
  • Appropriate care of personal injury cases and importance of medical ethics.

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Our courses ensure you remain at the forefront of the personal injury field, armed with up-to-date knowledge.


Whether you prefer online modules or in-person workshops, our courses are designed to fit into your busy schedule.


Learn from industry veterans with vast experience in the personal injury realm.


Connect with peers, fostering potential collaboration and partnership opportunities.

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Dive into the experiences of those who have walked the halls of Gaylord Courses. Our testimonials offer a genuine look into how our comprehensive courses have transformed careers, enhanced understanding, and forged meaningful connections in the personal injury field. Join a community where every success story inspires another.

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aimee phair
aimee phair
I was a victim of a traumatic accident. I survived numerous joint tears, brain injury & vision impairment. My first lawyer almost destroyed my case a couple years into the settlement process. Almost the fourth year into my settlement I switched to Gaylord claims, they saved my settlement. I was awarded $2.25 million in the end. Gaylord claims assisted me in a more truthful medical diagnosis, loans and the perseverance I needed to fight for my justice. They were sensitive to my culture and health, as best they could be, they also aided in the transition from my previous lawyer who had been doing a terrible job. Gaylord Claims fought for me to be able to rebuild my life. I am still in chronic pain, but I have financial health to assist my chronic medical issues from the accident and have a more comfortable life.
Liliana Barreda
Liliana Barreda
In behalf of Miguel and I, thank you so much for everything you did throughout our process with our claim. We needed so much support and you were there for us 110% of the time. Always open to explain things more than once and show flexibility when it came to reviewing documents. A big thank you to Karla and Patty.
Randy Boswell
Randy Boswell
Gaylord Claims - Lynnwood My wife Nancy just had a case settled by Gaylord. We are pleased with the outcome and the friendly and professional service. The staff was very helpful during the entire process with assisting my wife and answering her concerns. You should definitely give them a chance to represent you if the opportunity arise. We like to personally thank Jason and the entire Lynnwood staff. Sincerely, Nancy Boswell
ALEX Mendoza
ALEX Mendoza
I want to get a special shout out to these people because they did a wonderful job in my case. Took the time and actually cared and listen to me about everything. I went through what I experienced through this car accident and they did everything possible to help me out through this process.I appreciate it everyone. Thank you for doing an amazing job. Beth Marvel Dakota Bueing Kiba Mycon Jennifer Jerauld Jason Gaylord amazing individuals
Jennifer Hall
Jennifer Hall
Everyone truly cared about what I was going through. They worked tirelessly for me even though they had other clients and I was calling them daily. I would definitely recommend them 100%! They worked 2 cases for me and handled everything so I wouldn't have that added stress.
Aaron Lee
Aaron Lee
Last year I was hit by an uninsured motorist and the team from Gaylord claims helped me through the entire process. Once they take your claim they relieve you of dealing with insurance adjusters trying to close your claim and not giving you what you deserve to heal properly. Beth keeps you informed of the next steps as needed throughout the claim. I will recommend to anyone in need of a great team to help you in a difficult time.
10/5 stars is the rating I would give if I could. Jason and his team genuinely care about doing right for you and getting the best help out of the situation they can. I'll be recommending them to everyone who needs. Thank you to the Gaylord crew.
Eileen Ramos
Eileen Ramos
Over a year ago. I was in car accident. And the next day I got call saying they want to help me. And Gaylord team is amazing. I recommend them to anyone who has been in accident.
Phongsri Bailey
Phongsri Bailey
Jason and his team they’re great , they help me with my accident claims I strongly recommend my family and friends. Thank you Gaylord team.??
Heydy Gutierrez
Heydy Gutierrez
After getting into my first big car accident I was clueless on what to do and how to go forward with things. I was told about Gaylord claims and decided to sign with them and it has been such a great experience. Beth has been very fast at getting back to me with any questions or concerns I have and has been super informative on what to expect. Overall Beth has made this a lot less stressful for me. I would 100% recommend them.!
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